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Cross-Border Cooperation – provides support to programmes related to cross-border cooperation of border regions of the Republic of Croatia and neighbouring countries (EU member states and potential candidates). Considering the shape of the Republic of Croatia and remarkable length of her borders, Cross-Border Cooperation has an important role in Croatia’s regional development.

The beneficiaries of IPA Component II

The specific feature of Cross-Border Cooperation is that project proponents must be non-profit legal persons and must belong to the following categories: associations, institutions, chambers of commerce, regional and local government bodies, centres for research and development, agricultural associations etc.    

Besides that, project proponents are obligated to co-finance the project by their own funds (15% must be ensured through their own budget) and to have at least one cross-border partner. Cross-border features of the project must be clearly visible and must give positive influence from both sides of the border. 

Within the framework of IPA Component II the Republic of Croatia participates in:

-          Cross-border programmes with EU member states: IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme, IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme Hungary-Croatia and IPA Cross-border Programme Slovenia-Croatia;

-           Cross-border programmes with non-EU member states: IPA Cross-border Programme Croatia-Serbia, IPA Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as IPA IPA Cross-Border Programme Croatia  – Montenegro;

-           Transnational programmes: South East European Transnational Cooperation Programme (SEE) and Transnational Territorial Cooperation Programme (MED).

 Operating Structure

Body responsible for management of IPA Component II is the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, Directorate for the Management of Operational Programmes, Sector for Regional Cooperation, (, whilst the body responsible for implementation is the Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia (


Financing_Agreement_IPA_CBC_Croatia_and_Serbia Financing_Agreement_IPA_CBC_Croatia_and_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina Financing__Agreement_IPA_CBC_Croatia_and_Montenegro
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