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The Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) has been established by the Decree on the establishment of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (Offical Gazette No. 90/07, 114/07 and 29/2012 ).

The responsibilities of the CFCA are stipulated by the Decree, which regulates that all rights and obligations are transferred from the Department for Financing EU Assistance Programmes and Projects - Central Finance and Contracting Unit within the Ministry of Finance, to the Agency. 

As an Implementing Agency in IPA funds, the CFCA is responsible for the overall budgeting, tendering, contracting, payments, accounting and financial reporting aspects of all procurement in the context of the decentralised EU funded programmes in Croatia. The CFCA carries out the tendering and contracting elements for Institution Building programmes and Investment support. The CFCA operates in close cooperation with the SPOs and Line Ministries and Governmental Bodies which are the final beneficiaries of the projects. The CFCA is also the specialised agency for the administrative and financial management of twinning operations.

Central Finance and Contracting Agency acts as the  Intermediate Body, Level 2 in management and control system of EU structural instruments in specific Operational Programmes.

CFCA will monitor implementation of projects financed within the framework of specific Operational Programmes as the  Intermediate Body, Level 2. In doing so, CFCA will perform administrative and on-the-spot checks (whether the financed products and services are delivered in accordance with the contract provisions), as well as financial control – determination of the eligibility of costs incurred during contract implementation, based on which the beneficiaries will request for reimbursement of funds from the European Commission. 

The CFCA is managed by the Ms Nataša Mikuš Žigman, Director of the CFCA and Programme Authorising Officer, responsible for the financial and administrative management of projects, in accordance with EC procurement rules, regulations and procedures.


Transfer Agreement Regulation on amandments to the Regulation establishing Central Finance and Contracting Agency Regulation Establishing the Central Finance and Contracting Agency
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