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CFCA - administrative body

The mandate of Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) envisages its role of Administrative Office responsible for overall implementation of Twinning instrument through strengthening capacities of public administration of the Republic of Croatia in cooperation with other public administrations from EU Member States, in order to ensure compliance with all requirements related to Croatia’s membership in the European Union.

As Contracting Authority and as one of the signatories of the Twinning contract, the CFCA monitors the implementation of Twinning and Twinning light projects in Republic of Croatia through active participation in monthly Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Meetings, quarterly meetings of the Project Steering Committee, as well as analysis of all Twinning project reports. Moreover, the National Contact Point for Twinning projects implemented in the Republic of Croatia as Beneficiary Country is established within the CFCA.

Since its foundation as a public institution, the CFCA has an important role in coordinating all Twinning projects in Republic of Croatia as Beneficiary Country. While performing the abovementioned roles, the CFCA (including Central Finance and Contracting Unit within the Ministry of Finance) has been involved in overall coordination, contracting, implementation and payments for 210 Twinning and Twinning light contracts with an estimated value of more than 126 million EUR.

Twinning projects will continue to be implemented in Republic of Croatia until the end of 2019, which is also the expiration deadline for implementing projects financed within the Transition Facility Instrument. While Croatia still participates in Twinning instrument as a Beneficiary Country, the country is also in position to assume the role of a Twinning partner to other Beneficiary Countries with the purpose of providing assistance, transfer of knowledge and experience in development of a modern and efficient administration (Twinning Out). National Contact Point for Twinning projects that are being implemented in other Beneficiary Countries has been established within the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. 

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