Service for Knowledge Transfer and the Directorate for European and International Law of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs organized the 10th annual meeting of contact points for Twinning and TAIEX instruments on 15 December 2023, entitled “Participation of Croatian institutions in Twinning and TAIEX instruments”, at which the CFCA representatives from the Twinning Service also participated. Holding this meeting on an annual level enables the exchange of useful information, as well as the adequate promotion of Twinning as an instrument of the European Union for institutional cooperation between public administrations of EU member states and beneficiaries, resulting in close cooperation with partner states.

After introductory part of the meeting, Ms. Gordana Vidović Mesarek, Director of the Directorate for European and International Law and National Contact Point for TAIEX, Ms. Dubravka Smolić Vlaić, Head of the Service for Knowledge Transfer and National Contact Point for Twinning and Ms. Franka Maček on behalf of the EU Legal Acquis Service provided information on the activities of the Republic of Croatia within the framework of Twinning and TAIEX instruments during 2023 and presented plans for the next year. They reported on challenges concerning the current geopolitical crises, and also on the level of success and recognition of the Republic of Croatia by the European Commission as the most active member state in the area of implementation of Twinning projects in the countries of south-eastern Europe.

As Croatian experts and Project Leaders, Ms. Sanja Zekušić from the State Geodetic Administration together with Ms. Mirta Novak from the Ministry of Agriculture and Ms. Valentina Miličić from the State School of Public Administration presented their experience related to the project preparation and implementation. They provided a clear insight into the practical part of project implementation in various beneficiary countries and highlighted the role of the CFCA as a key institution in providing administrative and logistical support through the entire process of project preparation and implementation. The meeting was concluded with a presentation by Ms. Blaženka Sikirica from the Twinning Service, who presented the role of the CFCA and provided the necessary information on support that the CFCA provides to Croatian institutions and experts during cooperation on Twinning projects.

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