CFCA - administrative body


CFCA - administrative body

CFCA as an administrative body for Twinning projects

In the Republic of Croatia, the Act on the Implementation of International Institutional Cooperation Projects of the European Union and Technical Assistance Projects (OG 99/18) regulates the implementation of such projects by public administration bodies, the method of their participation, rights, and obligations, as well as the participation of experts in the preparation and implementation of the abovementioned projects.

Within the system of implementation of Twinning projects by the Republic of Croatia as a Member State, the CFCA has a role of project administrator and provides administrative, financial, legal or other support to state and public administration bodies involved in the preparation and implementation of Twinning projects and Technical Assistance projects.

In addition to providing assistance during the preparation phase of a project proposal, the CFCA also provides support in the process of drafting the Twinning Grant Contract and project implementation in the Beneficiary country. CFCA’s mandate as an administrative body also includes:

  • conclusion of agreements with institutions responsible for the professional aspect of project implementation;
  • conclusion of contracts with experts participating in project implementation;
  • activities related to the departure of experts on a mission to the Beneficiary country;
  • payment of a flat daily allowance for the work of experts;
  • compensation for expenses related to official travel (per diem);
  • taking care of bookkeeping and accounting records;
  • conducting procurement in line with the determined project’s needs;
  • organizing audits, etc.

Act on the Implementation  of International Institutional Cooperation Projects of the European Union and Technical Assistance projects (Official Gazette, No. 99/2018) is available on the following link:

Since its establishment, the CFCA has played a key role in the coordination of Twinning projects that were implemented in Croatia while it was still a Beneficiary country. During that period, it was engaged in the implementation of 210 projects worth more than 126 million euros. After joining the European Union, Croatia as a selected Twinning partner implemented or is implementing projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia with the CFCA’s engagement during the preparation and implementation phase. Therefore, the CFCA has gained extensive experience that can significantly contribute in all aspects of project implementation by ensuring adequate and comprehensive application of EU rules and procedures, and increasing the recognition of Croatia as a quality partner for cooperation in the implementation of international projects.

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