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Koprivnica: The presentation of the project “MLEKO” results

Koprivnica: The presentation of the project “MLEKO” results

The final conference of project "MLEKO - Milk Hygiene from Cows to Market" financed from Phare 2005 Cross Border Neighbourhood Programme Slovenia - Croatia - Hungary 2004 - 2006, was held in Koprivnica on Wednesday. Around 60 milk producers directly involved in project implementation, milk producers, which were not involved in the implementation, but realized its importance for the milk production, were present at the conference. 

Milk producer Nikola Severović, represented the farmers involved in this project, emphasizing their positive experiences and the importance of implementation of similar projects and educations of farmers. The reasons are, first of all, the farmers' need for lifelong learning, increasing their competitiveness on the international market and easier adaptation of the EU standards after Croatia's accession to the EU.

Two publications and brochure were presented as one of the project results. They have been made for farmers involved in this project, as well as for the milk producers and experts for milk quality control. Expert Manual contains a chronological overview of an expert analyses and treatments of the milk samples executed during the project implementation. A guideline for the Good Hygenic Practices in the milk production has been made for milk producers and the experts for milk quality control also. It contains overview of the law regulations and the provisions for the field of milk production, as well as an overview of the EU law regulation and standards related to the milk production in accordance with the principles of good hygienic practices, which milk producers will be obligated to follow after Croatia's accession to the EU.

120 farmers from the areas of Koprivnica-Križevci County participated during the 13 month project implementation.

Koprivnica-Križevci County in cooperation with Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje - PORA were the bearer of all project activities. The project partners were Livestock Farming Centre of Croatia, College of Agriculture at Križevci and Institute for Agriculture and Forestry Ptuj.  

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