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The presentation of project results ROMA 2008

The presentation of project results ROMA 2008

The results of project ROMA 2008 financed from Phare 2005, Cross Border Cooperation INTERREG IIIA Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia 2004 - 2006 programme, were presented last week. This project was implemented in the cross border area between Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, where the Roma communities are inhabited, and represent the biggest national minority of this area. Their culture influenced on the development of folk music and dance, as well as numerous ethnic manners.  

Although Roma communities from Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia have a history of cooperation, this project has improved and strengthened the traditional relationships between them with aim to become international traditional community, recognisable in cross border areas, and to represent  a best practice example for multicultural cooperation.

The aforementioned project contributed in raising awareness for the respect of cultural differences in all cross border areas, by organising cultural and sports events, and improved a social inclusion of Roma communities. 

One of the project results, presented at the conference, was publishing the book "Stories from Roma life" and short documentary about Roma life and culture in this area. Juraj Oršuš, the president of the Roma Bajaš Assiociation of Međimurje County, expressed his hope that Roma cooperate and promote their culture in the future as well.

This project was implemented by Sports Association of Međimurje County "Sport For Everybody" in cooperation with Međimurje County and Roma Bajaš Assiociation of Međimurje County. 

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