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2.5.2012. - News

13 milion EUR from European Union Grant Schemes

The publication of two grant schemes is foreseen in aforementioned Annual Work Programme for Grants:

1.      Establishment of business infrastructure

The purpose of grant scheme for establishment of business infrastructure is an investment in development of existing and new infrastructure in business zones, development of new and existing business incubators and other subjects for providing support to SMEs, as well as an investment in public tourist infrastructure and supporting services. Ultimately, this will result in development and strengthening of SME sector, as well as creating new workplaces, especially in lagging areas.    

This Call for Proposals is intended for financing of projects from local and regional self-government, local and regional organizations, companies in public ownership, as well as local and regional tourist boards.  

The indicative amount of 8 million EUR will be available within the framework of aforementioned Call for Proposals, whilst the value of individual grants will amount between 325.000 EUR and 1 million EUR.


2.     Support to strengthening competitiveness of SMEs’

The objective of this grant scheme is strengthening competitiveness of SMEs through promotion of investment in technological and production methods which promote green economy and strengthening development potential for new and competitive products in line with ecological and other international standards. 

The competitiveness of SMEs, both in domestic and world market will be strengthened through introducing international ecological standards and energy-efficient technologies in manufacturing processes. Moreover, new and more competitive products will be more easily developed through application of best practices and more successful business models.

This Call for Proposals is intended for SMEs. The indicative amount of 5 million EUR will be available within the framework of this Call for Proposals, whilst the value of individual grants will amount between 50.000 EUR and 200.000 EUR.

Publication of aforementioned Procurement Notices is foreseen for the second half of 2012.  

Calls for Proposals will be published on CFCA web-page safu.hr and on European Commission web-page, i.e. EuropeAid http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/work/funding/index_en.htm. More information on Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme is available on: http://www.regionalna-konkurentnost.hr/hr/

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