Closing ceremony of the project for Judicial Academy

The project is part of the Twinning initiative launched by the European Commission in 1998 with an aim to assist the candidate countries in strengthening their administrative and judicial capacities to implement the EU acquis. The project is jointly implemented by the Croatian Judicial Academy, the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary, the Italian High Council for the Judiciary and the Finnish Institute of Public Management.

The purpose of the project was to enhance the status of judicial advisors and to develop a dual self-sustainable training system, both for judicial advisors and attendants of the State School for Judicial Officials of the Judicial Academy. The project has proposed, in line with its objectives, a new role of judicial advisors and a training strategy for their lifelong education. It has also submitted proposals to strengthen the current training system for attendants of the State School of Judicial Officials. In addition, it has provided the advisors with training in specific legal areas and advisors’ trainers in teaching techniques, and it has introduced e-learning methodology in the Judicial Academy training activities.

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