Ex-ante evaluation of programming documents and strengthening evaluation capacity for EU funds post-accession

The achieved results of the project were:

–       Ex-ante evaluation of NSRF;

–       Ex-ante evaluation related Cohesion Policy OPs (Transport, Environment, Regional Competitiveness and Human Resources Development) and programming document under the EU Common Fisheries Policy for the period 2007-2013;

–       Interim evaluations of counterpart IPA III and IV component OPs and preliminary assessments of programming intervention logic for the 2014-2020 EU financial perspective;

–       A “roadmap” for a national evaluation system;

–       A training program of 24 units in 8 modules designed and delivered;

–       Institution building for the inter-institutional Evaluation Working Group was guided and supported;

–       A number of guidance and operative documents were produced, such as: Guidelines for drafting Terms of Reference for evaluation and for drafting evaluation plans for 2014-2020; 6 evaluation Plans for OPs and NSRF for 2013; revision of the national “Evaluation Strategy” and of the Evaluation Manual.

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