Final conference of the project “Harmonizing Learning Opportunities with Market Economy Requirements (HOMER)”

The most important components of implementation of the abovementioned project are raising the level of entrepreneurial culture, introduction of an additional training for working with young persons in the companies, development of new educational programmes for vocational education, as well as the programmes for providing assistance for young persons for developing social and generic skills.  

Therefore, in three high schools so-called \”Career Corners\” have been set up, in purpose of providing information and advices directly to students for choosing their future careers. Moreover, the Career Day was held in April and there were many visitors present, which is considered as the proof that project has fulfilled one of the objectives.

The four new vocational educational programmes have been created in the fields of electrical engineering, catering industry, construction industry and wellness tourism. The competition of solving the real problems in business and virtual school of entrepreneurship has been held in four schools in the area of Krapinsko-zagorska County and Town of Labin, which shall continue its operations after completion of this project.

The detailed analyses of conditions in the labour market, as well as of existing measures of support for employment of young persons, young persons\’ perception of employers and vice versa in Krapinsko-zagorska County and City of Labin have been performed. The analyses have indicated that mechanisms for support for employment of young persons in those two regions are still in development phase. Both employers and young persons are insufficiently informed about mutual expectations, which mean that it would take a lot of efforts to interconnect all actors in the labour market. The separate analysis of representation of entrepreneurial education in obligatory schooling has showed that young persons do not consider enough about their own entrepreneurial potentials and possibilities.

The total project value is 219,901.50 euros, from which the European Union granted 164,926.13 euros. 

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