Four contracts for projects worth 200 million HRK were handed over in Karlovac

Minister Tramišak said that projects worth a total of three billion HRK have been realized in Karlovac and Karlovac County so far, and that she has no doubt that many more projects will be started and realized in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.

On that occasion, Prime Minister Plenković said that the allocation of these funds was related to the government\’s policy of balanced regional development, strong support to all counties and cities in strengthening infrastructure and allocating funds from European envelopes and the state budget.

Contracts for the following projects were handed over:

Project \”Revitalization of part of the hot water system of the central heating system in Karlovac\”, beneficiary Gradska Toplana d.o.o. for the production and distribution of thermal energy. The project of revitalization of the hot water network in Karlovac, to which about 8,000 consumers are connected (households, business premises, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, health centers, etc.). The total length of the hot water network is 21.8 km of the route, while the project activities are planned to be carried out within two years. The total value of the project is 133.8 million HRK, 103.6 million HRK of which are non-refundable EU funds.

The project of building and equipping the entrepreneurial center \”Nikola Tesla Entrepreneurial Center\”, the beneficiary of the project is Karlovac County, with partners Gimnazija Karlovac, Poduzetnička zona Korana d.o.o. and the City of Karlovac. The location of the new building covers a total of 4,500 m2, on the site of an old residential building located within the cultural and historical ensemble. The facility is currently in the high Roh Bau phase and is in the process of drafting the Procurement Documentation for equipping of the Center and the Procurement Documentation for the construction of the parking lot. The deadline for project implementation is the end of 2023. The project is worth 32 million HRK, while the grant amounts to 23.2 million HRK.

The project \”ITU – Renovation of the brownfield site of the former cinema Edison\”, beneficiary City of Karlovac. The goal is to renovate brownfield sites and buildings of the former cinema Edison (protected as immovable cultural property), located in the center of Karlovac, total area of ​​2,150 m2 and put into operation integrated tourist offers of the City of Karlovac. Completion is planned within two years. The total value of the project is 25.8 million HRK, of which the grant amounts to 21.9 million HRK.

The project \”ITU Revitalization of the former Edison cinema in the function of launching integrated tourist programs in the city of Karlovac\”, beneficiary City of Karlovac, with partners City Theater Zorin dom, Tourist Board of Karlovac and Cinema Club Karlovac. The aim of the project is to equip and establish cultural and tourist facilities in the revitalized facility of the former Edison Cinema so that the newly equipped facility becomes the center of festival facilities, educational and conference tourism. It is expected that the number of visits will increase by 8,650 within one year after the project implementation and that, as a direct or indirect consequence of investment in this project, 35 new job openings in the tourism sector will be created within one year after the project implementation. The implementation of the project begins in November this year, while the completion of the project is planned within two years. The value of the project is 7.8 million HRK, while the grant amounts to 6.6 million HRK.

Photo: Hina

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