Out of the planned 42.4 million Euros for the waste management sector, so far a total of 41,75 million Euros was allocated to projects of county waste management centres Marišćina and Kaštijun, and for the preparation of documentation for the remediation of the pit Sovjak. New projects in the field of waste management are already being prepared for application for the EU structural funds, such as regional waste management centers Piškornica, Biljane Donje and Bikarac – second stage.

In the water management sector, all planned funds in the amount of 86.8 million Euros have been distributed to projects of construction of wastewater treatment facility and public water supply and sewerage system for cities Slavonski Brod, Knin, Drniš and Sisak and project Poreč which was submitted for the approval to the European Commission. 

During the presentation of the EPOP, the Agreement on the Implementation of Operation \”Preparation of projects for co-financing with EU Structural Fund resources with the aim of protection of Croatian water resources through improvement of water supply system and integrated wastewater management systems” has been signed. The project relates to the preparation of 16 new projects in the water management sector, prepared by the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and Hrvatske Vode (Croatian Waters).

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