\’\’Improvement of the Enforcement system in the Republic of Croatia\’\’

The overall objective of this project was to provide support to the development of efficient and effective enforcement system in the Republic of Croatia.

Total budget of the project was 1.302.989,08 EUR, out of which 93% is financed by IPA and 7% is paid by the national co-financing. Over the 23 months of the implementation period, from May 2014 to March 2016, the Twinning partners have completed 33 activities, studying documentation, conducted round tables and workshops, seminars and training sessions, where representatives of institutions involved in enforcement have actively participated. As a consequence the expected results of the project are mainly three:

  • Strengthening institutional and administrative capacities of stakeholder institutions with regards to the enforcement monitoring system
  • Strengthening inter-institutional cooperation of stakeholders participating in the enforcement system
  • Raising public awareness of the enforcement system

In conclusion, the purpose of the project was to improve the enforcement system in order to further contribute to the reduction of the court backlog.        

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