1. Economy

The objective of reforms and investments within the framework of the first component is contribution to strengthening competitiveness of the economy by means of strengthening agriculture, transport sector, energy and environmental protection in order to raise the level of sustainability of tourism through investments in continental tourism and extension of tourist season.

C1.4. Development of a competitive, energetically sustainable and efficient transport system

The plan covers the financing of projects such as the implementation of a new electronic toll collection system, the modernization and reconstruction of railway lines through application of green technologies in rail passenger transport system and through modernization of port and tramway infrastructure, procurement of passenger ships for coastal line traffic, alternative propulsion vehicles for public urban and suburban transport network, etc.
Implementing body: Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure
Estimated cost: 5,490,459,899 HRK
Implementation period: 3/2021 – 6/2026
Number of investments: 21

C1.6. Development of sustainable, innovative and resilient tourism

The investments will finance the regional diversification and specialization of Croatian tourism through investments in the development of tourism products with high added value.
Implementing body: Ministry of Tourism and Sports
Estimated cost: 930,000,000 HRK
Implementation period: 2/2020 – 6/2026
Number of investments: 1

2. Public administration, justice and state assets

The second component is focused on increasing the efficiency of public administration, justice and management of state assets, as well as on quality and availability of public services for the citizens and effective combatting corruption.

C2.3. Digital transformation of society and public administration

The financing of broadband access infrastructure development for households situated in areas without the next-generation broadband networks by means of construction of passive electronic communication infrastructure will be implemented through digital transformation of society and public administration.
Implementing body: Central State Office for the Development of the Digital Society. The CFCA will perform the role of the implementing body and the project will be implemented by MSTI and MRDEUF.
Estimated cost: 947,338,005 HRK
Implementation period: 9/2021 – 6/2026
Number of investments: 2

3. Education, science and research

The third component is based on strengthening the system of science and education, as well as the strengthening of lifelong learning. All of this should represent the basis of competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia during the forthcoming years of recovery while fostering high demand occupations and excellence.

C3.1. Reform of the education system

Projects related to construction, upgrade, reconstruction and supply of equipment for preschool institutions, supply of equipment for primary schools in order to fulfil the requirements for single shift work and whole day classes as well as supply of equipment for secondary schools will be financed. The digital transformation of higher education will also be financed through investments in Network LAN and Network Wifi, as well as supply of equipment such as projectors, computers, sound system, cameras, audio equipment and servers.
Implementing body: Ministry of Science and Education
Estimated cost: 5,100,000,000 HRK
Implementation period: 7/2018 – 8/2026
Number of investments: 4

4. Labour market and social protection

The fourth component is important for fostering employment, developing skills for the labour market, as well as for strengthening the pension system and the social welfare system, with additional efforts for combatting poverty and social exclusion.

5. Healthcare

The fifth component is focused on the availability and sustainability of the healthcare system, along with its further modernization in terms of prevention and early detection of diseases as well as the development of telemedicine and medical robotics.

C5. Strengthening the resilience of the health system

The projects such as introduction of mobile pharmacy services into the primary healthcare and provision of out-of-hospital (ambulatory) primary healthcare services in the mobile hospital units will be financed for the purpose of realization of more quality and more accessible healthcare. Healthcare services will be modernized in numerous hospitals in the Republic of Croatia, the required diagnostic medical devices will be procured, investments into TeleCardiology and TeleTransfusion services will be implemented, whilst specific operating rooms will be equipped with robotic surgery machines.
Implementing body: Ministry of Health
Estimated cost: 1,953,676,960 HRK
Implementation period: 2/2020 – 6/2026
Number of investments: 22

6. Initiative: Renovation of buildings

The building renovation initiative is an important component of sustainable development of the Republic of Croatia and it includes decarbonisation of buildings and energy savings in buildings, anti-seismic reconstruction of Zagreb City and its environs, strengthening the capacity to respond to natural disasters, and renovation of cultural heritage buildings.
Reforms and investments within the framework of all components and initiatives will contribute to mitigating the consequences of the crisis, as well as recovery, resilience and competitiveness of the economy.

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