Opening ceremony and presentation of the Twinning project „Strengthening Policy and Capacities to Reduce Undeclared Work“

The goal of this project is to build up an effective system of policies, measures and control mechanisms that will result in the decreased rate of undeclared work and increased labour contributions paid into the national budget. The results of this twinning project will be of a great importance for Croatian citizens and their better social awareness of the benefits of the declared work, and the improvement of their tax morality.

The project implemented in partnership with the Slovak and German Twinning partners will contribute to the enhancement of the capacities of the Labour Inspectorate, the Ministry of Labour and Pension System, and inter-institutional cooperation in applying an efficient mix of policy measures which will lead to increased competitiveness of the legally operating economic subjects.

The Project is financed by the European Union under the IPA 2012 programme for Croatia.The total value of the contract is EUR 1 000 000. The Twinning Project duration is 18 months starting from October 2016.


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