PHARE project designed to improve Croatian statistical system completed

The EUR 4.63 million project, launched in October 2007, was conducted jointly by the European Commission Delegation to Croatia and the Central Bureau of Statistics (DZS) in cooperation with the German Federal Statistics Office, the national statistics bureau of Denmark and the Austrian consortium Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics.

DSZ director Ivan Kovac said the purpose of the project was to reorganise the national statistical system in line with requirements of the European statistical system.

Adjustments were made in business statistics, social statistics, activities classification, the statistical business register, the national account, agricultural statistics, and Intrastat – the system of statistics on commodity trade among EU member-countries, Kovac said.

Marija Tufekcic, director of Central finance and Contracting Agency, thanked the beneficiary institution, project partners and the Delegation of the European Commission, for cooperation and successful project implementation. The project consists of three twinning contracts, service and supply contract.

\”By now 78 we have benefited from 78 twinning project within CARDS and PHARE programme, worth EUR 57, 4 million. For programme IPA 2007 component I, 20 twinning projects are planned, for which EUR 14, 1 million is allocated.\” said Tufekčić.

Paolo Berizzi, head of the EC Delegation department for project implementation, said that statistics was the basis for discussions on all negotiating chapters in the process of admission to the EU.

The project has helped Croatia develop that area, but further efforts are needed, said Berizzi.

The closing of negotiations on the chapter on statistics in Croatia\’s EU membership talks is expected in the coming months, possibly already in April, it was said at the presentation.

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