PHARE project for preparing customs to implement EU regulations launched

The project will be implemented until February 2010 and Croatia\’s partner in the implementation is the Austrian Agency for European Integration and Economic Development.

The project\’s main goal is to support Croatia in meeting the EU\’s pre-accession requirements from the negotiation chapter \”Customs Union\”.

The project involves the establishment of national electronic systems which will link Croatia\’s customs system and make it interoperational with the EU system upon Croatia\’s accession to the Union.

To make the two systems operational and compatible, the project will focus on the completion of the ITMS, said Customs Administration deputy chief Vesna Kadic.

The project is part of a strategy for the interoperability of Croatia\’s customs administration adopted by the European Commission in 2005 in order to prepare Croatia\’s customs administration for the time after Croatia\’s EU accession. (Hina) 

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