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16.10.2014. - News

“Preparation for the Implementation and Usage of the Schengen Information System SIS/SIRENE and European Arrest Warrant EAW”

The objective of this project, whose total value amounts to 188.889,00 EUR, is strengthening the capacities and competences of stakeholders relevant for implementation and usage of the Schengen Information System and European Arrest Warrants.

Expected results of this project are:

  • strengthening the capacities and competences of employees of Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice of Republic of Croatia involved in implementation and usage of the Schengen Information System and European Arrest Warrants,
  • Training of police officers and judicial representatives so that all stakeholders in this cooperation have full insight in all stages of the process.

More information on: http://www.mup.hr/195881.aspx

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