Strengthening the expert knowledge and technical capacity of all relevant institutions for Ecological Network Impact Assessment (CRO ENIA)

The objective of this project worth EUR 188,889 was to improve environmental and nature protection in the Republic of Croatia through strengthened capacity for implementation of the EU acquis in the field of Habitats and Birds Directives.

The project supported Croatian institutions in conducting expert work related to Ecological Network Impact Assessment (ENIA) in order to ensure more efficient implementation of the existing legislative framework in line with the best EU practices.

Under the project the following main results have been produced:

  • Technical manual for pre-screening and ENIA (screening, main assessment, imperative reasons of overriding public interest and compensatory measures).
  • Three white papers with the purpose of improving the quality of the ENIA. The white papers are produced for selected types of projects (small hydropower plants, river management and road infrastructure).
  • Capacity of CEAN and other stakeholders in conducting ENIA procedure enhanced through trainings on specific expert topics via regional workshops in Rijeka, Šibenik, Osijek, Varaždin and Zagreb, on the job training and training of trainers.
  • Implementation capacities of all project beneficiaries enhanced and beneficiaries acquainted with a new knowledge on EU best practice in the area of ENIA.
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