Two patrol vessels will be procured through this contract for the purpose of enhancing operational capacities of Croatian Border Police for performing controls and surveillance of blue border, as well as the entire territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia in order to prevent any type of criminal activities. First patrol vessel has length of 25 meters for performing activities in all weather conditions, whilst the second patrol vessel are 13 meters long for navigation in more stable weather conditions. Both vessels are intended for surveillance, persecution, stopping and controlling of other vessels in territorial sea and internal sea waters.  

Deadline for contracting of procurement of smaller patrol vessel is around 10 months and the deadline for procurement of larger patrol vessels is around 12 months. Therefore, the Border Police will have two new patrol vessels in the first quarter of 2013.

The abovementioned new contract is the continuation of project “Blue Border Surveillance“ from PHARE 2006. Its purpose was preparing police for more efficient surveillance of blue border. Likewise, this contract is continuation of project “Modernisation of State Border Control” and “Preparation for the Implementation of the Schengen Acquis” financed within the scope of first generation of pre-accession programmes CARDS 2004 and PHARE 2005.

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