Support to Strengthening administrative capacity through development of the competence framework in Civil Service

The objectives of this project were increasing the efficiency and professionalism of the civil service through improvement of human resources management. Specifically the twinning supported the ministry of public administration in the development of modern competence profiles for managerial and non- managerial positions. The twinning light also provided training on using the profiles in the HRM cycle (appraisal) within the civil service.

The following results were achieved/made:

–           the development of a methodology for assessment of key competencies for managerial and non- managerial work places and positions in the civil service;

–           a sample of managerial and non-managerial job profiles based on competencies;

–           a manual on key competencies for managerial positions and non-managerial work places – including the appraisal cycle;

–           training material and trainers trained in competence based profile making;

–           a training programme conducted on competence based job profile making and appraisal for HR officers.  

The outputs of project, with a budget of € 188.889,00, have a great importance for Civil service in Republic of Croatia in the further introduction of competence based profiles and appraisal enables a better service of the civil service to the citizens as well as a better capability to make policies compliant with EU standards and programmes.

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