The closure of the project \’KaPo\’ for protection of the cape Kamenjak

During 13 months of the project implementation, all planned activities were successfully executed, which resulted with a higher level of an environmental protection on cape Kamenjak in Istria and Pohorje near Maribor. The \”KaPo\” project enhanced a sustainable management of protected areas by strengthening the capacity of local institutions and organisations, as well as improving measures for the environmental protection. This is the reason why a newly founded House of Nature is considered to be the main project result and it represents visitor and education centre, where they can be informed and educated on its natural values. Substantial numbers of visitors of the Kamenjak House of Nature, as well as many educational programmes, are contributing to sustainable utilisation of this great landscape area. Many pedestrian and bicycle paths were developed, whilst a certain number of roads were closed, for the purpose of availability of quality recreation in nature for visitors.

Project „Mutual Management of Protected Areas Kamenjak and Pohorje – KaPo\” was implemented by the County of Medulin in cooperation with the NGO \”Green Istria\” and public institutions \”Kamenjak\” and \”Natura Histrica\”, as well as the Municipalities of Ruše, Rače-Fram, Hoče-Slivnica and Maribor in Slovenia.

This project was financed from Phare 2005 funds in the amount of EUR 114,173.55 (73,3 per cent), while the rest of EUR 41,588.45 was co-financed by the Municipality of Medulin and public institution \”Kamenjak\”.  

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