The project “Vinkovci to Tovarnik State Border Railway Signalling Rehabilitation” worth 16.411.114,98 euros signed

This is the second signed works contract within Financing Memorandum for Rehabilitation of Railway System Vinkovci to Tovarnik to State Border, in the total value of 75.761.000,00 euros, after the contracting of Vinkovci to Tovarnik to State Border Rehabilitation, worth 41.766.847,33 euros.  

The aim of this project is improvement and restoration of war damaged 3-aspect and 4-aspect signalling for 160 km/h train speed, and the restoration and upgrading of the existing Automatic Train Protection (ATP) safety devices. At trackside, ETCS (European Train Control System) Level 1 standard should be achieved. The ETCS Level 1 standard represents unique European standard for monitoring of the railway traffic. 

The train speed of 160 km/h instead of current 40 km/h shall be possible with upgrading an old equipment and procuring a new equipment for railway crossings. Great news, from the realization of this project, is a possibility of remote control of signalling and solid state interlocking from a new CTC centre at Vinkovci Station.

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