Two contracts within ISPA programme signed in the amount of 15.888.308,92 euros

The service contract \”Supervision of Works for ISPA Measure No. 2005/HR/16/P/PE/001\” is signed with Safege Consulting Engineers (SAFEGE) company from France in the amount of 1.360.000, 00 euros, from which the national co-financing part is 544.000,00 euros.

The works contract „Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Karlovac\” was signed with Austrian company ALPINE BAU GbmH (branch office Zagreb), in the amount of 14.582.308,93 euros, from which the national co-financing part is 544.000,00 euros.

The purpose of the abovementioned works contract is construction of the waste water treatment plant in the Town of Karlovac, which shall enable the implementation of the water purification of the third degree, which basically means water purification from nitrate.

The main purpose of this project is protection and raising the level of water quality in wider area of the Town of Karlovac, as well as the insurance of safer water supply in accordance with the EU requirements. Until now all collected waste waters have been sluiced directly into the rivers of Karlovac, whilst the water throughput and water losses in sewage system have been extremely high. It is expected that this project shall result in significant improvements in quality and purity of waters of the rivers Dobra, Mrežnica, Korana and Kupa.

The construction of main collectors and pump stations will provide for the drainage of wastewater to the new purifier with a 100,000 population equivalent capacity.

Moreover, the replacement and upgrading of the part of water supply line and sewage networks shall raise the level of connection of population to water supply line. The water losses in water supply system which can be the cause of waste water penetration to underground waters shall also be decreased.    

It is important to mention that signing of this contract has realized the benefits in the amount of 359.691,07 euros in relation to allocated funds for this project. It means that the most successful offer was chosen among all administratively and technically compliant offers. The selection procedure of the most successful tenderer has been implemented in accordance with very strict European Union procurement rules, with Prior ex-ante approval of the Delegation of the European Commission in Zagreb. 

The abovementioned contracts are part of the Financing Memorandum for \”Water and Waste Water Programme Karlovac\”, signed in the amount of 36 million euros. European Commission is financing this project in 62, 5 percent of the total amount in the amount, namely 22.5 million euros. The rest of the means are part of the national co-financing part, in the amount of 13.5 million euros. The Financing Memorandum includes two work contracts, two supply contracts and two service contracts.

The project beneficiary is Water supply and Sewage System Ltd., Karlovac, whilst the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management and Central Finance and Contracting Agency have the responsibility for project coordination.   

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