With the final Statement of Expenditures, Croatia certifies all Cohesion Fund resources from 2014 to 2020.

As previously known, Croatia has utilized all resources from the 2014-2020 programming period, with the Minister announcing the final Statement of Expenditures exceeding 480 million euros, certifying the entire available amount of funds.

“Tomorrow, Croatia will submit to the European Commission the final Statement of Expenditures, justifying all allocated Cohesion Fund resources from the previous 2014-2020 financial perspective. We have utilized and certified all available funds, and I must say I am exceptionally proud of all bodies within the system and all employees who have completed a very significant and demanding task. This was our first EU funding envelope, and it was natural that we faced numerous challenges, but through good management, adjustments, and capacity building, we have demonstrated readiness and successfully implemented all funds. Over the past few years, we have made significant progress. We were at the bottom in terms of fund disbursements among the EU-27, and today we are in 7th place. The increase in expenditure efficiency has had a direct positive impact on the implementation of numerous projects across Croatia, as well as accelerating development and high GDP growth rates. Croatia is often highlighted as a success story of European cohesion policy, and I am confident we will continue in this vein in the times ahead,” Minister Erlić emphasized.

At this moment, together with the funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Croatia has a surplus of 14.9 billion euros, which represents the difference between the funds paid to us and our participation in the EU budget.

Source: razvoj.gov.hr

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