Closing ceremony of the IPA Twinning Project “Development of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) System”

The project covered the following major components:

Component 1. Further development of impact assessment legal framework

Component 2. Development of Administrative Capacity in Impact Assessment

Component 3. Development and implementation of a PR campaign for raising public awareness on impact assessment

The results achieved are: developed and adopted Act on Regulatory Impact Assessment and the Regulation on the implementation of the RIA procedure, developed Strategy and Action Plan for implementation of RIA in Croatia, developed administrative capacities of line ministries through elaborate training programmes and implemented pilot projects and successfully implemented public awareness campaign. The successful introduction of the regulatory impact assessment in the legislative procedure will lead to the adoption of better legislation and eventually improve the capacity of the state in developing and implementing good quality policies.

This 18-month twinning project was implemented with the assistance of Northern Ireland Co-operation Overseas (NI-CO) and the Estonian Ministry of Justice (Member States Twinning Partners).

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