“Enhancement of the Administrative Capacity of Croatian Tax Administration in the Field of Audit”

The results of the project were focused on a strategic approach on auditing of tax and combating tax fraud in the Republic of Croatia with regard to EU best practices. Therefore, methodological tools as well as an e-audit function of the CTA were developed in order to enhance the administrative capacity of the CTA.

The project covered the following main components:

  • Strengthening the CTA audit system as a whole

Improving the CTA audit system through the elaboration of an audit strategy and action plan as well as manuals and methods for the audit of taxpayers including the training of CTA staff;

  • Establishing the e-audit function

Developing and implementing an electronic audit system;

  • Enhancement of the administrative capacity in the field of audit of Value Added Tax (VAT) and combating tax fraud

Enhancing capacities in auditing VAT and combating tax fraud through the development of a manual and the training of CTA staff.

The project was of great importance for Croatia in the framework of the EU accession process and the EU assisted the Croatian Tax Administration through this Twinning project in establishing an effective and equitable tax system while fulfilling its legal obligations upon entering the EU.

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