“Establishment of an integrated management information system (MIS)”

The purpose of the project was to establish a Management Information System (MIS) compliant with the EU Cohesion policy requirements, in order to support all structures involved in EU Structural and Cohesion Funds management in recording and maintaining of data for monitoring and management purposes. Beneficary of the project are Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia.

The achieved results of the project were:

  • The analysis and review of the existing IT and IPA MIS related hardware and infrastructure.
  • Designed and implemented SF MIS software.
  • Trainings delivered to all groups of users (including end – users and administrators).
  • MIS software upgrade, with all change requests of the users and the recommendations of the auditors addressed and implemented.

The business analysis activities carried out during the project established a close connection between the implementation framework and the SF MIS system delivered; as a result, the system developed follows the business processes of the institutions closely, making trainings and everyday work of the users extremely simple.

The set of information collected and the way the information is stored allows utilizing the constantly growing amount of data to the furthermost extent, the SF MIS system gives a solid foundation for all forthcoming expansions.

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