First Mining Museum Open within the PHARE 2005 Programme

The abovementioned museum consists of renovated mining pits St. Trinity and Kokel, 340 meter long, mineralogical collection of approximately hundred minerals, rocks and fossils set up in the Primary school Rude and a mining-botanical path for learning 1,500 metre long.

The specific quality of this project is that now the mine looks exactly as it looked when miners were digging hard inside it. 

Moreover, mining works were allegedly stopped in 1859, while only copper was excavated until the middle of 19th century. Afterwards, iron and plaster stone were excavated in it. 

This project shall definitely contribute to the tourist offer of Samobor and its surroundings, as well as to the economic and social structure by the involvement of local craftsmen and professional retraining of local inhabitants to become tourist guides. 

The project was implemented by the Town of Samobor with its partners Folklore Ensable Oštrc, Zagreb County Tourist Association, Primary school Rude and Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb. 

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