IPA 2008 Component I – Transition Assistance and Institution Building – CONTRACTING RESULTS

The contracting deadline for IPA 2008 Component I (Transition Assistance and Institution Building) was expired on 05th June 2012. The total value of allocated funds for IPA 2008 Component I is 35,79 million EUR. The total amount of 33,89 million EUR (94,67 percent of allocated funds) including national co-financing valued 6,49 million EUR was contracted.

The major part of non-contracted funds were resulted from savings realized thorugh contracting at lower prices than foreseen by Financing Agreement. Realized savings are result of healthy competition and have positive effects on EU and Croatian State Budget, i.e. their taxpayers.

A total of 93 contracts for implementation of all 16 projects foreseen by Financing Agreement concluded between European Commission and Republic of Croatia were signed within the framework of IPA 2008 Component I.

Projects’ implementation deadline is on 5th June 2014, whilst the deadline for execution of all payments is on 5th June 2015.

IPA Component I  –  TRANSITION ASSISTANCE AND INSTITUTION BUILDING – is the key IPA component and its implementation is closely connected with fulfilment of criteria for EU membership. The projects related to following sectors are financed from this IPA component: justice, home affairs, protection of human rights and anti-discrimination, strengthening of NGOs, protection of cultural heritage and natural resources, taxation, transport policy, health care and environmental protection.

The beneficaries of IPA 2008 Component I are public administration bodies, institutions and non-profit organizations.

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