Karlovac: Presentation of “SLOHRA Heritage“ project

The project as a whole, together with the five \”baskets\”, aims to achieve a better and more comprehensive development of touristic potentials of Slovenian and Croatian border regions, namely coastal karst region, inland karst region and South-east region on the Slovenian side, and Primorsko Goranska county  and Karlovačka county on the Croatian side.

Doris Sošić, Project manager and President of the Board of \”Porin\”, explained that the project includes drafting of marketing plan, recording of DVD and printing of a catalogue with locations belonging to cultural and natural heritage together with autochtonous products.

The heritage of this area will be promoted – castles, fortresses and caves, autochtonous architecture, water and other natural richnesses, as well as honey, wine, cheese, olive oil, liqueurs and other typical products.

Vladimir Skolan, director of CZPKA, said that the competition is still ongoing for including of particular products into the regional basket. He invited the producers who think they have a product typical for the heritage of their region to propose them to the Centre to be included into the regional basket.

Total value of the project, which will also be presented in other regions by the end of the year, is 124.178,00 euros, of which the EU co-finances 74%. (Hina)

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