Karlovac: Project “Systematic Energy Management” presented

The main purpose of the aforementioned project is to create foundations for further decreasing of energy costs of 20 buildings, by drafting the energy efficiency strategy and feasibility studies.

Drago Tropčić, project leader emphasised particularly the importance of establishment of regular monthly control system of energy costs of all buildings owned by Karlovac County, raising the level of knowledge and awareness of public institutions\’ employees of the need for energy saving and environmental protection by organising workshops and competition in energy saving, drafting manuals for concrete energy efficiency measures which must be implemented for each specific public institution building for the purpose of decreasing energy spending. Sanda Đukić, REGEA expert assistant, presented the region of Abruzzo as a good example of local community with a good level of energy awareness, which performs the implementation of many projects in the field of energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy sources.

Project SEM, with the implementation period of 14 months, is carried out by Karlovac County in the cooperation with Agenzia Regionale per l‘Edilizia e il Territorio from Italian region Abruzzo and the Town of Karlovac. 

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