MODVESS 1st Visibility event

Reliable and detailed energy data is critical for informed evidence-based policy decision making, a well-functioning market and effective regulation. However, overall, energy data collection and analytical systems in the Western Balkans tend to be weak fragmented and incoherent. In an attempt to remedy this situation, Croatia, with the help of the EU, has initiated various projects, such as this MODVESS Project, to establish a proper system for collecting, analysing and disseminating energy data to better assist policy, regulatory and investment decision-making.

The aim of the MODVESS project is to set up a national model for monitoring Croatia\’s electricity, gas and oil sector, as well as the dependence, vulnerability and sustainability of the country\’s energy system, since by signing the Treaty establishing the Energy Community in 2006 Croatia became obliged to enhance its security of energy supply.

MODVESS is a follow-up to the IPA 2007 project \”Energy Administrative Data Management\”.

The final beneficiary is the Ministry of Economy. Total funding for this project amounts to EUR 1,050,150.

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