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12.12.2017. - News

Opening ceremony of the Twinning light project: "Strengthening National Institutional Capacities in the Field of Substance of Human Origin (SoHO) to Improve the Safety of Blood in Transfusion and Transplantation"

Final recipient of the project is Directorate for biomedicine of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, while stakeholders include other institutions in the area of transfusion and transplantation medicine. Strengthening of their capacities will lead to improvement of quality and safety in the field of Substance of Human Origins (organs, tissues, cells, blood) in order to ensure the highest possible level of protection of public health. Experts from Croatian Ministry of Health are joined by renowned Croatian and Spanish experts in the area of transfusion and transplantation medicine from various institutions (blood and tissue banks, hospitals) in transfer of knowledge and support to their Serbian counterparts. The opening ceremony, held on 25 October 2017 at Palace of Serbia in Belgrade, provided a great opportunity to raise awareness to the project activities. There, Mr. Ferenc Vicko, State Secretary, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Mr. Gordan Bakota, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, Ms. Mirela Bušić, Project Leader and National Transplant Coordinator, Institute for Transplantation and Biomedicine, Ministry of Health, Republic of Croatia and Ms. Nada Vasiljević, Assistant Director of the Directorate for biomedicine, Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia have addressed participants. Visibility materials were distributed to all participants and a short reception followed after the event.

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