Pelješac Bridge joined together

The last element that was installed last night is 18 meters long, and it was symbolically installed by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, Minister of Transport Oleg Butković, Dubrovnik-Neretva County Prefect Nikola Dobroslavić and Croatian Roads CEO Josip Škorić.

\”Tonight we achieved the goal that solves the 300-year-old problem. It is a fascinating strategic achievement of the Croatian people and state and a representation of modern sovereignty that defines how to achieve strategic national interests and what has been the goal of the Croatian people and state for years,\” Plenković said during a short ceremony after the connection of the Pelješac Bridge.

He pointed out that the bridge connects not only Croatia, but also the EU, that it does not divide, but connects Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and that it is a lasting achievement not only of the current government, but also of all governments and convocations of the Croatian Parliament, counties, prefects, MPs and all those who wanted to achieve that goal.

\”This is an important project for Croatia and that is how we should experience it,\” Plenković said.

In statements to the media, the director of the CFCA pointed out that projects, in addition to economic, also carry emotional value. \”This is especially true for the Road Connection with South Dalmatia project, or as we all call it the Pelješac Bridge, because Croatia\’s long-standing desire for transport connectivity has been realized, which we are all proud of,\” Petric said.

Numerous citizens from the mainland and many boats, barges and other vessels were watching the connection.

The length of the bridge from the axis to the axis of the abutment is 2,404 meters, the total length of the bridge with abutments is 2,440 meters, and the navigation profile under the bridge is 200 times 55 meters.

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