Phare project designed to improve sea border control officially inaugurated

Partners in this EU-funded project, which will last 15 months, are the German and Italian police forces.

Commenting on the fight against illegal migrations, Faber said that the pressure of illegal migrants had been shifting in recent years from the land border to the sea border.

The Croatian co-ordinator of the project, Mirna Kovac, said that the task of the maritime police was to safeguard 950 kilometres of the Croatian coast against all forms of crime, given that Croatia\’s sea borderline would be the future external border of the European Union.

She added that last year the Croatian maritime police were equipped with five new vessels.

The overall Project implementation is supported and monitored by the Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Croatia and the Central Finance and Contracting Agency in the Ministry of Finance.

At today\’s ceremony, the project was supported by Italian Ambassador to Croatia, Alessandro Pignatti Morano Di Custoza, and German police official Joachim Frankin. (Hina)

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