Press release: CFCA Management Board session was held

Within the European structural and investment funds (ESI Funds) management and control system, the CFCA is a public institution which has been given a role of one of the intermediate bodies level 2 (IB2) in the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion” (OPCC), and is responsible for the verification of performance of contractual obligations by grant beneficiaries and for the control of eligibility of expenditures co-financed by the EU funds under grant agreements.

Unfortunately, a lot of unverified information has appeared in the mass media, thus destroying the trust our beneficiaries have in the CFCA. We are aware of the particularities of the subject matter and of the procedures the general public is not familiar with, however, the CFCA continues to perform its activities and tasks in a professional manner since each employee performs its job in a competent way and will continue to do it professionally and without delay.

As long as the procedures of the competent authorities are ongoing, we cannot provide detailed information. However, the “Information system for strategic planning and development management” procurement procedure was subject to CFCA control in 2020 (which implies it was examined whether the procurement procedure was carried out in accordance with national and European legislation). Irregularities were found due to potential failure to determine the conformity of the selected tender with the required technical specifications and insufficient audit trail in the review and evaluation of tenders. On 29 September 2020, the CFCA adopted a Decision on irregularities for the procurement procedure in question, setting a financial correction of 25% of the eligible value of the contracted procurement procedure, which amounts to 4,059,667.50 HRK of the value of the contract in question.

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