Project to consolidate and improve Croatian tax service completed

The project was implemented in the period from January to November under EU sponsorship as part of the PHARE 2005 programme, from which it was financed with 157,478 euros.

The ministry said that the purpose of the project was to improve the work of the Tax Administration in supervising large taxpayers and to analyse international legislation on taxation, with an emphasis on the fight against tax evasion.

The specific goal of the project was to train employees of the Tax Administration to perform electronic monitoring of big taxpayers such as banks, insurance companies and investment funds, and to adjust domestic tax regulations to EU tax laws.

\”The project has resulted in improved operations of the Tax Administration in monitoring big taxpayers, notably banks and financial institutions, and more efficiency in the supervision of big companies and affiliated companies. The project is expected to result in an increase in budgetary revenue, to be brought about by the more efficient prevention of tax evasion,\” the ministry said. (Hina) 

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