Republic of Croatia, together with the Netherlands and Republic of Poland, to provide support to Republic of Moldova through implementation of a new Twinning project in the field of national spatial data infrastructure and development of network services

The overall objective of the EU assistance provided through the Twinning Project is to further strengthen the capacity of the Government of Moldova in the context of the implementation of the EU-RM Association Agreement and European Union approximation process. The specific objective is to enhance e-Government through improved spatial data sharing and cooperation among authorities in line with EU standards and best international practices. The value of the project is EUR 1.8 million and the implementation period is 26 months (1 September 2020 – 31 October 2022).

The main beneficiary of the project is the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre (ALRC) of the Republic of Moldova, which will receive support for improving its spatial data services. This will be achieved in cooperation with the EU partners of this project, State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Central Finance and Contracting Agency as the Lead EU Member State partner, and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography from the Republic of Poland as the Junior EU Member State partners. 

The Central Finance and Contracting Agency is responsible for the financial management and administrative support to the Twinning project. Besides providing financial and administrative support, the CFCA also supports this Twinning project by providing an employee Ms Mateja Horvat, Senior Twinning Advisor who acts as the Resident Twinning Advisor of the Twinning project in Republic of Moldova, ensuring the good coordination among the Moldovan beneficiary and the EU Member State project partners.

During the week 21 – 25 September 2020, all partners from the Beneficiary Country and Member State sides conducted a series of meetings in online format on all project components, with a view to identify ALRC’s current priorities, detail project activities and indicators, and develop the initial rolling work plan for the first 7 months of the project. The partners agreed on a common work plan, estimated dates of missions and experts assigned. The first Steering Committee meeting of the project is planned for the 13th of October. 

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