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18.5.2010. - News

Round table “Role of EU Funds in Development of SMEs – from this day to 2013“

Two round tables were held within the framework of conference “Establishment of Competitive Craft, Small and Medium Enterprises – Challenges and Perspectives of EU Accession“ “:Role of EU Funds in Development of SMEs – from this day to 2013“ and “Strengthening of Croatian Crafts, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Prior to Croatia’s EU Accession through Export and Economic Diplomacy“.

Objectives of the conference were the following:

  • Providing information to small entrepreneurs and craftsmen on importance of EU funds for their future development  
  • Stimulate higher participation of craftsmen in export oriented and international projects
  • Transfer of experiences and good business practices of small and medium entrepreneurs in the process of EU accession  
  • Obtain better insight in preparation of projects for EU Structural Funds
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