Strengthening of Croatian Administration in Charge for Structural Policy and State Aid in Fisheries

Republic of Croatia has put great efforts into preparation activities for implementation and utilization of the European Fisheries Fund upon accession to the EU. Most important steps in this process relate to drafting of strategic basis – the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for Fisheries, and the Operational Programme. Current state of affairs in this respect is that the NSP is finalized and in the process of discussion with sector stakeholders, whereas the process of drafting of the OP is under way. Both documents should be ready for formal submission to the European Commission services immediately upon accession. In addition, important component of the preparation process refers to establishment of an adequate institutional and administrative basis for implementation of the EFF, where Croatian administration is undertaking necessary activities with the aim of having fully functional system by the time of accession.

Direct project beneficiaries are the organizational units within the Ministry of Agriculture on the level of Directorate of Fisheries and Independent Service for Accreditation of Paying Agency in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development and Certification of Fisheries Programme Support.

This project worth € 0,65 million is implemented throughout the institutional cooperation between the beneficiary of the project which is the Administration of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Agriculture – Directorate of Fisheries and the Administration of the Kingdom of Spain, Empresa de Transformación Agraria (TRAGSA, S.A) in association with FIIAPP.

The implementation of the project started in October 2012 and will last until January 2014.

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