Survey results: Croatia is unimaginable without the Pelješac Bridge

Since projects co-financed from European Union funds have become an indispensable part of our everyday life and the results of which are deservedly recognized throughout Croatia, the CFCA conducted a survey “Which EU project can’t you imagine Croatia without?”. According to the votes of the citizens, the most significant project for Croatia is the construction of the Pelješac Bridge, the purchase of new electric trains is in second place, and the reconstruction project of the Little Roman Theater in Pula is in third place.

“Once again, we have confirmed how important EU funds are as a lever for the development of Croatia, which is also confirmed by a whole series of projects that have improved every part of our country – billions of euros have been invested in transport infrastructure, encouraging entrepreneurship, health, education, energy efficiency, cultural preservation and natural heritage, and certainly also in the future financial period we expect large investments in the public and private sector thanks to European funds”, said Minister of Regional Development and EU funds Šime Erlić.

Citizens have shown that they attach great importance to investments in transport infrastructure, so one of the most important projects not only in Croatia, but also in the European Union, won the most votes from citizens – it is the construction of the Pelješac Bridge, which connects southern Dalmatia with the rest of Croatia, and represents the most important the Croatian roads project is co-financed with european funds.

“On behalf of Croatian Roads, I thank everyone for this recognition, especially because citizens from all over Croatia recognized the importance of the Pelješki Bridge, an exceptional construction and infrastructure project that brought people together, strengthened economic and cultural ties, and improved the daily life of many local residents,” said the CEO of the Croatian Road Ltd Josip Škorić.

We can no longer imagine Croatia without new electric trains. 11 of them will be for the needs of suburban passenger transport, and ten trains for regional passenger transport, and all of them are being purchased as part of the renewal of the fleet of HŽ Putnički prijevoz with new electric trains, which took second place in the survey.

In addition to roads and railways, according to the number of votes, the project of the Archaeological Museum of Istria, which reconstructed and revitalized an exceptional location of our cultural heritage – the Small Roman Theater – a symbol of ancient history, culture and tourism, stood out in third place.

 “We are proud that the CFCA is part of these success stories, that you have proven that with a good idea and dedicated work, any goal can be achieved. And most importantly, all these EU projects have provided Croatian citizens with a more prosperous, connected, better and more beautiful Croatia”, CFCA director Dragan Jelić pointed out.

Within the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020”, CFCA monitored the implementation of more than 1,200 projects worth more than six billion euros that were co-financed from EU funds.

In a large survey conducted by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency, citizens chose three of the 32 offered EU projects without which they could not imagine Croatia. The announcement of the results was held at the conference “Days of Regional Development and EU Funds” organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds.

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