The results Slohra Zonet project within the Phare programme, Interreg IIIA presented

Slohra Zonet project has come into existence as the result of successful cooperation six Croatian and Slovenian partner development institutions.
Since business zones have been recognized as key for entrepreneurial infrastructure, whose development contributes to increasing regional competitiveness, the project aims at development, increasing the quality, connection and cooperation between business zones.
The project implementation has resulted with condition analysis in business zones in all partner regions and joint analysis of the whole “Slohra” territory. Round tables and workshops between partners and institutions partner regions have been organized, sharing experiences on organization and business zones management. Additionally, drafting business zones network has been formed, which contains potential cooperation model supporting entrepreneurial institutions. Furthermore, pilots project “Establishing the new business zones”, which defines the term and business zones awareness for local communities’ development and process of establishing the new business zones, has been made.

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