Twinning Project Final Event: Support to the Gender Equality

The results of the project aimed at raising public awareness on gender equality which was achieved through public campaign that involved the distribution of audio-clip on radio stations, 1, 500 posters in public transport and business buildings, street actions involving public persons and the active role of the media.

Increasing gender sensitivity in public administration is the second result achieved by educating more than 200 representatives about the gender perspective in the work of state and local bodies, drawing up a manual and a study visit to Finland in order to transfer good practices to public administration.

For the purpose of co-operation between national institutional mechanisms and other stakeholders, gender equality teams have been established in state administration bodies, as well as new modalities of co-operation between county commissions for gender equality and regional self-government. Furthermore, recommendations have been made to improve co-operation and development of action plans in gender ​​equality area.

The project\’s results focused to increase the professional skills, knowledge and skills of the judiciary in the area of ​​national and EU legislation related to ​​gender equality, which was achieved through the education of more than 45 judges and the development of a special manual for judges.

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