Workshops for public sector employees to be held within IPA 2012 Twinning project „Strengthening Integrity of Public Sector“ (CRO INTEGRITY) on the topic: HOW TO ELABORATE INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY STRATEGIES AND PLANS?

Besides codes of ethics and codes of conduct, institutional integrity strategies and plans are among the key tools, also envisaged in the 2015-2020 Anti-Corruption Strategy of the Republic of Croatia. To facilitate the elaboration of integrity strategies and plans at the institutional level, the Project organizes workshops that lead the participants through the process of identifying risks and planning for realistic measures that help strengthen institutional capacity to combat corruptive actions. The contents will be best suited to public sector employees who are engaged in ethics, human resources management, internal control, procurement or customer services.

To make it possible for all interested stakeholders to participate, the same workshop will be conducted by Finnish and French trainers on 5 different dates:  14, 15, 20, 21 and 22 March, 2018. Simultaneous interpretation will be available. The workshops start at 9 am at the National School of Public Administration, Medulićeva 36, Zagreb.

To register, kindly send an e-mail to .

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