Twinning projekti - aktivni i završeni


Twinning projekti - aktivni i završeni

Aktivni projekti


MK 18 IPA FI 01 19

Twinning Sjeverna Makedonija (PFM)
Strengthening budget planning, execution and internal control functions


BA 18 IPA AG 02 19

Twinning Bosna i Hercegovina (VETERINA)
EU support to capacity building and gradual acquis alignment in veterinary sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina


JO 22 NDICI OT 01 23

Twinning Jordan (JOIPA)
Strengthening the Capacity of the Institution of Public Administration

Završeni projekti


MD 16 ENI OT 01 19

Twinning Moldova (NSDI)
Improving Spatial Data Services in the Republic of Moldova following EU standards


MK 20 IPA AG 01 21

Twinning light Sjeverna Makedonija (ACQUA)
Alignment of legislation and Implementation of the Union Acquis in the Area of Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Republic of North Macedonia


MN 17 IPA EC 02 21

Twinning light Crna Gora (TARICG)
Support to the Revenue and Customs Administration in preparation for upgrading TARICG to EU TARIC latest version and related ITMS subsystems


MK 18 IPA JH 01 20

Twinning Sjeverna Makedonija (PERDATA)
Support to the Implementation of the Modernised Data Protection Legal Framework


MN 16 IPA HE 01 20

Twinning Crna Gora (CINMED)
Support to the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro


KS 16 IPA FI 01 20

Twinning Kosovo (SERDIR)
Assistance for implementing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement – The EU Services Directive 2006/123/EC


MK 15 IPA TR 01 19

Twinning light Sjeverna Makedonija (CCAA)
Support for participation in the ECAA – European common aviation area


SR 14 IPA AG 03 18 R

Twinning light Srbija (FISHERIES)
Development of the Legislative and Institutional Framework for the Effective Alignment and Implementation of the Acquis in the Area of Fisheries in the Republic of Serbia


MK 14 IPA FI 02 18

Twinning light Sjeverna Makedonija (INTERCON)
Further improvement of internal control system


MN 15 IPA OT 03 18

Twinning light Crna Gora (AFCOS)
Capacities development for the Anti-Fraud Coordination Service


MN 14 IPA FI 03 17

Twinning light Crna Gora (AZTN)
Strengthening Institutional and Technical capacities of the Agency for Protection of Competition


MN 17 IPA JH 01 18

Twinning light Crna Gora (INFO)
Capacity development for the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information


BA 16 IPA OT 01 18

Twinning Bosna i Hercegovina (CIP)
Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education


MK 13 IPA OT 01 17

Twinning light Sjeverna Makedonija (UDRUGE)
Further institutionalization of structured mechanism/s for cooperation between the Government and the Civil Society


SR 13 IPA HE 02 17

Twinning light Srbija (SOHO)
Strengthening national institutional capacities in the field of Substance of Human Origin (SoHO) to improve the safety of blood in transfusion and transplantation

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